"Sometimes it's not all about catching fish but instead about getting out and enjoying all the wonders God has made! Thanks for visiting Santee Pro Guide Service and may God bless you." - Capt. Barney
"Sometimes it's not all about catching fish   but instead about getting out and enjoying   all the wonders God has made! Thanks for    visiting Santee Pro Guide Service and may    God bless you."                                                 - Capt. Barney

Meet the Captain

I am a US Coast Guard licensed captain, T.W.I.C. certified and a member of the Board of Directors for the Santee Cooper Country Guides Association.


I have been fishing the Santee Cooper lakes all my life and guiding for over 20 years. Living only 20 minutes from the lake system I have fished all over both lakes including the Santee and Cooper rivers.


When I am not fishing I enjoy deer and turkey hunting - maybe I can give you some tips on hunting in SC. We have a long deer season in SC (August 15 - January 1). Turkey season spans from March 15-May 1.

Boats & Equipment


You will be fishing out of a 25 foot Crest III Pontoon boat equipped with 12 rod holders ideal for Catfsh and a removable top rail so that you can reel in the Crappie comfortably sitting down.


For winter fishing trips the boat is equipped with an enclosed cabin with heaters for your comfort. This is one of the best made pontoon boats. It has 25' pontoons making it very steady and safe on the water with lots or room to move around. 


It is equipped with the latest depth finders, electronics, GPS and all Coast Guard approved equipment such as life vests, VHS radio, first aid kit and fire extinguishers.

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